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4/14 Up-Date Your Closet In 5 Simple Steps

Posted on April 14, 2010 at 11:18 AM Comments comments (1)

I am turning 25 in a few months, which to me is the official “age of adulthood”. I have had a plethora of changes in my life in the past 3 years, as have most people my age, new house, new job, new friends, new long-term boyfriend, and most recently, starting my own business. Going from college student to career woman has been one of the biggest adjustments, and for me, a physical change is always the first step to an emotional one. I think it’s about time we look and feel like the powerful professional women that we are.

A new season is upon us, and what better time to do an overhaul of your wardrobe? It’s time to get rid of out-of-date, out-of-style, too-small clothing and shoes, and replace them with current, grown-up, chic alternatives.

I know it’s hard to part with certain items, but face it… your favorite jeans from high school will probably never fit again, and that terrycloth tube top and banana clip will never be back in style. It’s better to have a small relevant wardrobe than to harbor a bunch of out-of-date items that don’t fit.

If you have any of the following items in your closet, remove them immediately:

1. Worn, broken, or dirty-beyond-repair shoes.

Face it, those once-white canvas tennis shoes are never going to get clean. You’ve had all intentions of bleaching them since 2005, but haven’t; which means you haven’t worn them in 5 years….so toss them! Those “super-cute” stilettos with the broken heel are never going to be the same. You’ve krazy-glued them 150 times and you never make it out of the house before they brake again. Give up and throw them away! Also, anything with a rubber heel or a square toe is out-of-date and needs to be retired.

Up-Date your look: Sneakers are for running and tourists. Swap your clunky nikes for ballet flats or comfortable sandals when in need of weekend walking shoes.

2. Sweats

All lose baggy sweatpants have got to go. Grownups don’t wear elastic around their ankles.

Up-Date your look: Swap your sweats for sleek yoga pants or leggings. Clothing that is closer to your body presents a more put-together look. Wear yoga pants with a fitted zip-up sweatshirt, and leggings with a tunic or wrap dress. You don’t have to be ashamed to stop at the store after the gym in these put-together looks.

3. Clothes that don’t fit.

If you have to lay down to zip it, the buttons gap, or it alters the shape of your body, it’s too small. Throw these items away immediately! Muffin top is not a good look on anyone.

Up-Date your look: Go up a size. Noone will know, you will look 100 times better, and most importantly feel SO much more comfortable.

4. Mom Jeans

Mom Jeans are tapered at the ankles, saggy at the butt, and the waist comes to (or above) your belly button. If you have jeans with one or more of these qualities, they MUST be discarded.

Up- Date your look: Opt for a medium to lower rise jean with a straight leg. This a great modern, but grown-up look that balances your body, and makes your legs look long and lean. Also, depending on the dress code, you can get away with wearing them to work, as they have the same shape as your dressier pants.

5. Anything you haven’t worn within one year.

Chances are, if you didn’t wear it last year, you’re not going to wear it this year. Stop carrying around dead weight, and toss the old stuff

Up-Date your look: Treat yourself to at least one super-cute trendy item as a reward for all your hard work!

A few additional tips for a grown-up wardrobe:

- White under white is a no-no. A white bra will ALWAYS show through a white top and white underwear will ALWAYS show through white pants. You may have liked this look in middle school, when bras were a novelty, but now that the novelty has worn off, lets go for a classier look. Invest in at least one flesh colored bra & panty set for these instances (white pants and knit dresses are 2 examples of times when a thong is necessary).

- If you can’t walk in high heels, wear low ones. There is nothing sexy about a wobbly-ankled-disaster-waiting-to-happen. Some women just aren’t cut out for stilettos. There are plenty of great kitten heels and flats out there to satisfy your shoe fetish.

- The only person who should know what your underwear look like, is you (and maybe your significant other). If your underwear are peeking out of the back of your pants, one of 2 things are wrong: 1. Your pants are too small (see above for solution) 2. You are not wearing the right underwear. Ever heard of low rise bikini’s?

- Don’t over accessorize, less is more. The idea of accessories is to compliment an outfit. If you have a main statement piece of jewelry, that’s all you need. When wearing more simple items, you can have a few. Live by this rule, and you’ll never look like a little girl playing dress up: No more that 3 accessories at a time.

- If you’re over 12, please skip clothing with cartoon characters or “clever” sayings on them. You can like tweety bird without wearing him on your shirt, and I don’t need to read your mood off of your chest. That’s not what they mean when they say “wear your heart on your sleeve”

Send your beauty questions to [email protected] and I'll answer them in my next blog

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4/12 Fresh Make-up Looks for Spring 2010

Posted on April 12, 2010 at 11:10 AM Comments comments (1)

Spring often gets lost in the shuffle when it comes to make-up and clothing trends. We are all in such a rush to get to summer, that we go from sweaters and winter berry lips to tank tops and bronzer, skipping over the beautiful spring looks in the meantime.

The fresh faced look of spring is one that flatters almost every skin tone, whether you're warm or cool...there's a glowing spring look out there for you!

This spring, it's all about pretty pinks and peaches. Anyone with cool skin tones (you tend to pull red, blue, or pink) should go with pinks, and those of you with warm skin tones (you have gold, brown, or yellow tones) should go with the peaches, using gold accents. Don't be afraid to choose bright colors, especially for blush and sheer lip gloss. These looks are very popular this year.

Remember: go easy on the amount of make-up you're using. Spring Make-up should be light and fresh.

For Cool Girls:

- Apply base (sunscreen, concealer, foundation, powder etc...) as usual. If you use a thick foundation in the winter, you may want to choose something lighter for spring.


- Choose a shimmery highlight color. This could be silver, pale pink, champagne, or even a sheer shimmer, and brush it along the top of your eyelid, just under the eye brow, in the inside corner of your eye, and along the top of your cheekbones.

- Now choose a medium-bright shade of pink shadow. Sweep this shade along the lower eyelid and just above the crease of the eye.

- If you want, you can choose a darker color of pink to use as a contour color in the crease of your eye, but this is not necessary.

- Apply lots of Mascara


- Apply a powdered bronzer very lightly on the areas where the sun naturally kisses your face (along cheekbones, forehead, nose, and chin).

HINT: To thin out a fuller or round face, apply bronzer just below your natural cheekbones.

- Now choose a bright shade of pink blush, the brighter, the better this year! Apply the pink blush just to the apples of your cheeks. To find the apples of your cheeks, smile, the fleshy part is the apple.


- Choose a sheer lipgloss with a bright pink color.

For Warm Girls:

- Apply base (sunscreen, concealer, foundation, powder etc...) as usual. If you use a thick foundation in the winter, you may want to choose something lighter for spring.


- Choose a shimmery highlight color. This could be gold, champagne, or even a sheer shimmer, and brush it along the top of your eyelid, just under the eye brow, in the inside corner of your eye, and along the top of your cheekbones.

- Now choose a medium-bright shade of peach shadow. Sweep this shade along the lower eyelid and just above the crease of the eye.

- If you want, you can choose a darker color of peach or even a brown to use as a contour color in the crease of your eye, but this is not necessary.

- Apply lots of Mascara


- Apply a powdered bronzer very lightly on the areas where the sun naturally kisses your face (along cheekbones, forehead, nose, and chin).

HINT: To thin out a fuller or round face, apply bronzer just below your natural cheekbones.

- Now choose a bright shade of peach blush (mauve works well on darker skin tones), the brighter, the better this year! Apply the peach/mauve blush in a circular motion, just to the apples of your cheeks. To find the apples of your cheeks, smile, the fleshy part is the apple.


- Choose a sheer lipgloss with a bright peach color.

This is a way to add bright colors to your face while maintaining a fresh, natural look. Combining the bronzer, brightly colored blush, and shimmering highlight to your cheeks, provides a beautiful sun-kissed glow. Although the colors you're using may be bright, they are in your natural color palette, which is what keeps the look natural.

If this is a look you like, you can carry this well into summer, and then by altering the shades slightly, into fall as well.

Send your beauty questions to pa[email protected] and I'll answer them in my next blog.

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3/4 2010 or 1985?

Posted on March 4, 2010 at 11:24 AM Comments comments (0)

I’ve been a loyal American Idol watcher since the days of Kelly Clarkson, and I’ve never been as unpleasantly surprised by the clothes, hair, and make-up as I have been this year.

If I didn’t know better, I would have thought I was watching a show filmed in 1985! I realize that the “boyfriend blazer”, “Bubble skirt”, and “bow headband” are bringing the 80’s back, but couldn’t they be a little more subtle about it?

Don’t get me wrong, as a big-haired girl, I’m all about the 80’s coming back, but some of the things I’ve seen in the past 2 weeks have been over-the-top.

First, I’d like to address the judges. It’s bad enough that the contestants look ridiculous, but the judges should really step it up, I mean these are people with stylists, and professional hair and make-up artists at their disposal.

- Can we talk about Simon’s fade? What is that about?

- Kara’s teased ponytail has got to go! This is 2 weeks in a row I’ve had to look at that rats nest hanging off the back of her head.

- And what’s with Randy’s Fisher Price watches? I’ve been noticing them all season. He has a bunch of them and they all look like they came out of a Happy Meal or like those candy watches you got as a kid. Is this some sort of fashion trend that I’m missing? I also suggest that someone tell him he’s 3 weeks late for valentines day. What’s with the cardigans anyway? He looks like he robbed Mr. Rodger’s closet.

Now for the contestants.

- I’d first like to talk about that hideous mis-mash on Lacey Brown. Not only did she look like a little kid in her mom’s clothes, but what is the deal with the shoulder pads? Not to mention the tiger stripes…

- Now for Michelle Delamor, I get that she was going for “a look”, which I can appreciate, but I think she should have chosen another look. I think she looked ridiculous from the jean-leggings (gag-me) to the Mini-Wedding dress complete with pick-ups and everything all the way down to the lace gloves. And then she got up there and sang “Creed”…what the hell? I expected “Like a Virgin” or “I wanna Dance With Somebody” how are you supposed to take someone seriously when they look so silly?

In light of these horrors, I would like to address the appropriate way to acknowledge the recent trends without immersing yourself in them. You don’t have to walk around like an early-madonna look-a-like in order to participate in the fun new nod 80’s fashion. Try wearing one trendy item at a time with some more classic pieces.

For example:

-I am a HUGE fan of Haeley Vaughn’s flowered headbands. They are adorable, and the fact that she makes them herself makes her my-kind-of-girl! Her Bubble dress, and exaggerated headband were a perfectly modern way to acknowledge the trends while keeping herself relevant.

The key is:

Balance the old with the new.

Send your beauty questions to [email protected] and I'll answer them in my next blog

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3/2 5 most wearable Spring 2010 fashion trends

Posted on March 2, 2010 at 1:12 PM Comments comments (1)

Although it’s hard to imagine with a foot of snow still on the ground, spring is just around the corner. The official start of spring is less than 3 weeks away, and with that in mind,

I’m going to give you my top 5 picks for the most wearable spring 2010 fashion trends.

1. Short, shorter shortest

Whether it’s skirts, shorts, or dresses the motto this spring is: the shorter, the better.

Skirts: a huge trend on the runway was feathered miniskirts. This look is definitely one for the bold, but it’s one of the high-fashion almost ridiculous looks that can still be worn by the masses. I consider it the update to the bubble skirt look.

How to do it: Wear a neutral color tank top (I would go with black, wife beater or racerback type, very plain, but fitted) Wear a feathered skirt in another neutral (they were showing a lot of tan on the runways) add a long necklace with a pendant, and ankle boots and you will be the envy of every fashionista. You’ll definitely have to have the right place to wear this look!

Shorts: They’re showing hot pants in neutral tones.

How to do it: Wear with a loose or flowing top. If you’re showing a lot of skin on bottom, cover up on top. It’s all about the balance. Anytime you’re showing this much leg, heels are the most flattering

Dresses: I’ve seen loose flowing dresses with above-the-knee hemlines in a variety of patterns. There were mixed florals, monet-inspired abstract paint spotches, and neutrals.

How to do it:

Wear one of these dresses with flats and a blazer to be really cutting edge.

2. Mono-Toned Neutrals

The color palette this spring seems to be pretty muted. I saw a lot of neutrals and pastels. Some designers were even showing what can only be described as leisure suits… loose fitting bottoms with “boyfriend –style blazers” all in one neutral tone.

3. Oversized Bow Hair Accessories

Whether it’s a headband, barrette, or ponytail holder, oversized bows are huge this spring. This is a great way to inexpensively modernize your look!

4. Military Jackets and Blazers

Every designer on every runway this season had one of these, if not both, in their collections.

Military Jackets:

These have been popular for these few years, but this year they are shrunken. They’re short and fitted, and in neutral colors. Army green and Navy blue were popular.

How to do it:

Wear buttoned up or open with a feminine flowing top or even a dress underneath. The contrast of girly vs. masculine will add great interest to your look


Blazers are always in, they’re a great way to stay warm and dry in damp spring months, and they’re a staple for a pulled-together look. This year the blazers are not as fitted as they have been in the past. This year they are ”boyfriend style”: oversized, and look more like men’s sports jackets.

How to do it:

Wear with skinny jeans and a fitted tank in a monotone neutral color. Adding an oversized jacket to an otherwise streamlined look with keep it from looking sloppy. Be sure to add feminine jewelry, shoes, and make-up to avoid looking masculine in this look.

5. Peek-a-boo Panels:

This one is definitely for evenings out. Many designers were showing tops and dresses with cut-outs, mesh, lace, or sheer panels, and very strappy dresses.

How to do it:

Do not attempt this look unless you are comfortable in it. There is nothing sexy about a girl in a see through dress if she is constantly adjusting it.

For those who are a little more conservative:

Look for pieces with sheer panels around the neckline or on the arms.

If you are only able to try one of these mentioned trends, I definitely suggest a military jacket or blazer, as this is the most functional, as well as the most popular on the list.

Now that you’re ready for spring, lets hope is comes soon!

 Send your Beauty questions to pamperpa[email protected] and I’ll answer them in my next blog.

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3/1 What's with the rompers?

Posted on March 1, 2010 at 3:35 PM Comments comments (1)

Is it just me, or does anyone else NOT get the romper craze?

With the alarming number of them I’ve seen on grown women lately, I must ask…

What’s with the rompers?

Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely people who can pull this look off, but most of them attend preschool… What makes grown women want to look like toddlers? And PLEASE don’t tell me it’s because they’re comfortable, because the stilettos these girls wear them with certainly are not!

I personally think this look is totally ridiculous. Rompers give you one of 3 silhouettes:

1. A rectangle, which is actually the best of the 3.

2. Stay-puffed marshmallow man, which is created by the rompers with the elastic waistband where the fabric creates an oh-so-flattering roll above and below the waistband.

3. The skin tight, street walking, hooker look: circa 2001 when those horrible denim body suits came into existence.

FYI: if your buttons are gaping, the zipper is buckling, your snaps won’t stay shut, or GOD FORBID your romper laces up and those shoestrings are screaming for mercy…it’s too SMALL!

OH and another FYI: Please do not dig out your denim cat suit from 2001, because it is not now, nor will it ever be back in style. I’m not sure that it really ever was in style outside of Club Zoo.

I did a little research on rompers, because, if you can’t already tell, I’m slightly appalled by their popularity. It seems as though Rompers were invented in the early 1900’s for TODDLERS because they needed a one piece garment that would not ride up or fall down, but was also loose fitting so they would have room to move around and play. The romper was created as a onesie with bloomer pants attached. Originally they had snap crotches, for easy diaper changing access… Do you really think as grown women, we should be wearing anything that was designed with extra room for a diaper?

The romper made it’s way into Women’s fashion in the 1930’s as a Beach garment. This was long before the string bikini, when woman covered up at the Beach.

Both of these uses seem to make sense, and I find them completely acceptable. If you have trouble keeping your bottoms up or your tops down and require a one-piece garment, try a dress… I am going to go ahead and say that rompers are acceptable as beachwear. A romper as a bathing suit cover-up, I can accept, but I still don’t like it. A romper as an outfit worn by a grown women who expects to be taken seriously is just not something I can accept.

The bottom line is, lets leave the rompers to the toddlers they were intended for.

If you would like to defend your romper-wearing foolishness, please feel free to comment. I'd like to understand the desire to wear a onesie.

Thanks for reading! Don't forget to stop by tomorrow for another dose of the beauty blog!



1/27 Presenting a Perfectly Polished Professional Image

Posted on January 26, 2010 at 6:41 PM Comments comments (0)

Here’s a great question from one of my readers:


I’m a recent college graduate, and I just got my first “real job”. I want to look polished and professional at work, but for the past 4 years the only 2 looks I’ve had have been bummy sweats, pony tail, and no make-up for class or dressed up with full make-up for going out at night. I don’t think either of these looks are appropriate for work, so what is?


 This is a great question! I think we all go through this “how to be a grown-up” dilemma when we go from student to professional in a flash. So in this blog, I’m going to give you wardrobe, hair, and makeup tips to help you present a polished, professional look with a minimal student-sized effort.



 I think being a young professional woman in today’s workforce is extremely difficult. You have to overcome the stereotypes of the“got-her-job-because she’s-pretty” girls who are there for all the wrong reasons and the “overbearing bitches” who can be pretty intimidating as well as the “obviously-oogling-you” dirty old men down the hall. You want to be taken seriously, but you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard.

 In my opinion, there are two looks you want to avoid at ALL costs:

 -the floosy look – I know it’s tempting, and you think it may win you a few battles, but I promise it will loose you the war. Short skirts, too-tight sweaters, and low cut blouses are going to cause your co-workers (male and female) to loose respect for you.

- the rigid look – You don’t want to look too stuffy or cold. You want people to perceive you as warm and approachable, yet assertive and reasonable. Obviously, you can’t rely on your clothes to completely shape your image, but people see you long before they ever hear you speak, so shouldn’t your clothes be saying the right thing?

 I always like to pair something structured and professional with something pretty and soft. I think this gives interest and style to your look. For example, a pinstriped pant or a pencil skirt in a neutral color with a silk blouse in a jewel tone. This lookis mature without being old, which is ideal for a young professional woman. If your office requires business attire, meaning full suits, try to find some with feminine accents. Ruffles around the bottom of the skirt, or colored pinstripes are a good start. Try to wear satin or silk tops underneath as much as possible, and create interest with shoes and jewelry! Last but not least, no masculine boxy suits or tops; there's no reason you have to look like a man to be as successful as one!


Professional Make-up should be clean fresh, and polished. Wearing too much make-up will actually make you look less mature. How do you know if you're wearing too much make-up? If you look the same at work as you would for a night out, it's to much. Your daytime make-up should take no more than 5 or 10 minutes.

Here are the essentials:

- light daily moisturizer

- foundation or matte powder to even out your conplextion

- eyeshadow in a neutral or soft shade

- If you must, smudge eyeliner into your top lash line, but leave the bottom liner for evening

- mascara on curled lashes

- blush on the apples of your cheeks, or bronzer all over in the summer (corrective make-up can also be used to camouflage problem areas. See my "corrective Make-up" blog for instructions)

- sheer or neutral lipgloss or lipstick


The days of long all-one-length unkept hair are over. Leave that look to the younger ladies. You're a grown up now, you need some style!

- You can have long hair, but make sure it has some long layers around your face, maybe even some bangs to add style and interest.

- If you're willing to go short, an inverted bob is a great look that transfers well from professional to personal life. It's polished and grownup while still being fun and playful

- For those of you who have been "blessed" with curls, like me, try to tame them for work. While the "Big Sexy Hair" look is great for drinks with the girls, that wild look can be a bit much for the office, especially at first. I've actually read a study about this where the same woman went to a job interview with straight hair and then curly hair and they actually perceived her a less professional and less responsible with the that discrimination or what? I know it's not fair, but it is what it least you're informed. 

You don't necessarily have to straighten your curls everyday, just take a few steps to tame them a bit. Try washing them at night, adding texture cream, and allowing them to dry naturally instead of blow drying. I also find that pinning the very top back gives my curls a more "in-control" look even on it's wildest days without giving me the severe pulled-back look

Another little tip: On days when you're running late, throw hair back into a low ponytail and wrap a piece of hair around your hair tie (For more detailed instructions see my "2010 hair trends blog"). This classic look is always office-appropriate.

I hope this helps you get started on Presenting your Perfect Professional Image!

Send your beauty questions to [email protected] and I'll answer them in my next blog.



1/12 2010 Make-up trends

Posted on January 12, 2010 at 9:41 AM Comments comments (1)

Makeup for the coming year is going to be natural and nude during the day and BOLD at night. Don't be afraid to play with bold and/or dark colors this year.


Daytime make-up is all about natural-looking flawlessly glowing skin. 

To get this look:

-Apply a moisturizer to even-out skin texture.

-Apply a concealer to any blemishes or dark circles (if necessary)

-Apply foundation if necessary (I use foundation in the winter but not in the summer. it just depends on your coverage needs)

-Apply matte powder 

-Apply a nude colored highlighter with a slight shimmer to the brow bone (just under the eyebrow), the inside corner of the eye sweeping down into that dark crease between your nose and under your eye (this instantly brightens your entire face and leaves you looking fresh), and the top of the cheek bone. 

- Now choose a powdered blush (no shimmer) that goes well with your skin tone. If you're fair try a pale pink or peach. If you're dark skin toned try experimenting with mauves and purples. Try to stay away from the really bronze tones for winter, because it looks really unnatural. Have no fear, in the summer, you can go back to your trusty bronzer.

- Finish with your favorite mascara and a nude lipstick or lipgloss.


The great thing about the natural daytime look is that you can EASILY transform it into a great evening look.

FIRST choose your favorite feature. Lips or eyes.


red lips are back ladies!

-Lightly apply red lip liner

-Apply red lipstick

-Apply clear lipgloss

-refresh your blush and mascara if necessary and you're ready for Happy Hour!

-if you think your eyes still look too naked, you can smudge some eyeliner into your top lashline, but NOT the bottom....that's too much!


Smokey eyes are one choice for evening

-Apply your highlight color from your daytime look to eyelid from crease to brow.

-Apply a slightly darker shade from lashline to crease (don't be afraid to play with color here, Jewel Tones work great and add interest)

-Apply a dark color (brown, grey, or dark blue, purple or green) to the crease of your eye thinner and lighter at the inside corner and darker and thicker at the outside corner. (stay away from black, as it tends to look harsh)

-Apply LOTS of back eyeliner and mascara.

-make sure to keep a nude lip with this look.

A new trend for eyes is bright colored shadows.

-Make sure to choose a color that works well for you. They're showing everything from jewel tones to neons, so there's really something out there for everyone, depending on the statement you want to make.

-Apply eyeshadow to reflect your personality. Get as creative as you want. It seems like anything goes this year.

-Apply eyeliner if desired. I've seen everything from black pencil lining the entire eye to colored shadow underneath the eye to no liner at all. It really depends on what you prefer.

-Apply mascara and lipgloss and go!

I've included some pictures of this look for your reference.

Send your beauty questions to [email protected] and I'll answer them in my next blog!

Have fun playing with color and trying out these new trends, and don't forget to stop back tomorrow for another dose of the beauty blog.



1/11 2010 Hair Trends

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So I  gave you the nail trends for 2010. Now it's time to check out the hair styles that will be popular this year. 

This year's trends are nice, because there's a little bit of something for everyone. Shorter cuts, longer cuts, straight, wavy, and there's even something for those of you who like to keep your hair pulled up!

listed below are the 5 hottest looks for 2010 and instructions on how to achieve these looks.

1. Short Bob

This classic look never dies. There's a new version of it on the hottest hair styles list every year. This year: Update your bob, by adding bangs.

To get this look at home: Wash and blow dry hair, depending on the texture of your hair, you may have to flat iron it.

2. Long and wavy

To get this look at home: Before bedtime, mist just-washed, damp hair with a leave-in conditioner and a volume-boosting aerosol spray (an aerosol spray will dry soft, and won’t leave hair hard and crunchy). Then twirl one-inch sections of hair into spiral braids and let them dry overnight. OR Wrap one-inch sections of hair around a medium flatiron, alternating the direction each spiral.

3. The Classic Ponytail.

Isn't it nice to know that even on a day when you sleep in and don't have time to wash and style your hair, you can throw it back and still be in style!

To get this look at home: Run the flat iron through your hair to make sure it's sleek and smooth, then carefully, smooth it back into a ponytail making sure there are no bumps on the top or sides of your head. This look is great either high, on the crown of your head, or low, near the nape of your neck. I always wrap a piece of hair around the ponytail holder to give it a more polished, grown-up look. To do this: Use an elastic hair tie that matches your hair color. On the last wrap around with the hair tie, hold your finger inside the elastic. With your other hand, gather a small lock of hair from the bottom of your ponytail, and wrap it around the hair tie (twice if possible), then tuck the end into the elastic where you have been holding it open. 

4. Long and Straight

To get this look at home: Apply a styling mouse to damp hair, part in the center, and blow dry. Then flat iron it in 1-inch sections. Even if your hair is already straight, the flat iron will give it that finished look.

5. Teased up-do's

This is more for the brave! A teased, high-fashion up-do can dress up just about any look. Wear it with a dress, a suit, or jeans, and be an instant trend setter. This is a good look for those of you who like to experiment with make-up. Pull the hair back away from the face, to really showcase your face.

To get this look at home: Blow dry hair smooth (or do this on 2nd day dirty hair, it will hold better), then turn upside down and spray with a strong hold texturizing hairspray (try pantene pro-V style texturize!). This will give you a wild, sort of windblown, unfinished look. Now, lift up the top section of hair and back comb (tease) the hair underneath. Do this until you have reached the desired volume. Then twist the remaining hair into a french twist or other close-to-the-head style, pin into place, and spray for hold. Another way to achieve this look without the teasing....get a "bumb-it" and experiment with the placement until you get the desired look.

As for color this year: Deep, rich, chocolate browns highlighted with warm golds and reds are popular.  Also, natural blondes and reds are in, but don't go bleach-happy. Those ultra-extreme colors are a no-go. This year it's all about creating texture, depth, and interest within the realm of your (or at least someone's) natural color.

Send your beauty questions to p[email protected], and I'll answer them in my next blog.

I hope this helps you stay on top of the trends for the new year, and remember to stop by tomorrow for another dose of the beauty blog



1/7 2010 nail trends

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Now that you have all stopped neglecting your hands, and have beautiful well-manicured nails to work with, lets talk about the 2010 nail trends... 

The popular length and shape are similar to past years, short and square. By short I mean from the tip of the finger to about 1/8 of an inch past. This is great news for those of you who like to have stylish nails without putting alot of time or money into them.

The Hot trend in polish for this Winter is dark colors with a Matte Finish. Some of them have shimmer, others do not. When trying this look, you'll have to make sure you have a good base coat, and either matte topcoat or none at all. If you go without

a topcoat, you're going to have to do ALOT of touchups. Personally, I'm not a fan of this look. When it comes to my polish, I'm all about the smooth glass-like shine. I always associate that with a great manicure, but I also don't follow the rules. I have long acrylic nails with a constant French Manicure. I can't get away from that look. I've had it since High School.

For spring and Summer 2010 the hot polish trend is going to be neons. I'm talking highlighter-esque colors and I think it's fun! My toes are going to be "pool party" pink ALL summer! (These are China Glaze's polish swatches, by the way)

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1/5 How to "De-Salt" your pants and boots

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It's that lovely time of the year when we're trudging around in inch after inch of snow, and with snow comes salt...

You know what I'm talking about, those lovely rings around the bottom of your pants are a tell-tale sign that it's snowing outside, and there's no avoiding them, but if you're anything like me, you have a pair or two of black pants that you can only wear when it's snowing because you can't get that oh-so flattering ring off of them. Maybe you're a tuck-er and don't have salt stains on your pants, but in that case, I bet your Uggs are looking pretty rough right now. Suede and salt are not a great combo either.

Well, you no longer have to reserve those pants for the snow or walk around with white boots, because I'm going to tell you how to get rid of those nasty salt stains!

To remove salt stains from fabric:

Mix one tablespoon white distilled vinegar with a cup of COLD water (hot or warm water will set the stain) and soak the bottoms of your pants in this over night. If the stains are still not gone, dampen a soft cloth with straight vinegar and wipe the remaining stains off, then launder as usual.

To remove salt from Suede:

First use a brush to gently brush off any loose excess salt that may be lingering. Then using the same mixture as above.: 1 Tablespoon vinegar and 1 cup COLD water, dampen a soft cloth and blot the area until stains are removed. If this mixture does not work, add more vinegar. It may take some time, but it should get everything off. Remember: Do not rub, only blot. 

To remove Salt from Leather:

Same thing. use Vinegar and water mixture to wipe away salt stains.

I hope this helps, and at the rate we're going, we're all going to be cleaning salt off of our clothes and boots ALOT this winter so good luck and try to stay warm!

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