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1/19 Man Maintenance

Posted on January 19, 2010 at 11:24 AM

Here’s another question from one of my readers:

My boyfriend’s eyebrows are out of control. How can he clean them up without looking girly?

This is a great question! I think guys avoid basic grooming because they’re afraid of looking too “metro” but the truth is, he can clean-up his look without going overboard.

Some girls go for that burly, un-kept look. They think hairy backs, beer guts, and dirt-encrusted fingers are sexy, but for the rest of us, a little grooming goes a long way!

I’m not saying guys need a weekly manicure or wax. I’m just suggesting a little at-home upkeep.

For courtesy’s sake, I think any guy who expects to be touching a female (or hopes to be touched) anytime in the near future should follow these basic steps:

- clean the dirt from under your fingernails. We all love a man who is good with his hands, but there’s no reason to carry the remnants around with you.

- Use a nail file once in a while so you’re not scratching us with your ragged edges.

- Use a little moisturizer after you shower. No girl enjoys waking up with brush burns from your sandpaper feet or gritty elbows. Here’s a little hint: ask your girl to apply it for you, this way you get a little massage and it’s an instant mood-setter. (or ladies, offer him a massage if you think you have to trick him into it.)

Now that I’ve completed that rant, lets move on to masculine eyebrow maintenance.

- With tweezers, remove any strays that really stand out, meaning the ones between his brows (on the bridge of his nose) or below the natural brow line, but do not re-shape the brow. Shaping and thinning the brow is what gives a feminine look.

- Now for the most important part! Even if you can’t convince him to let you tweeze his brows, find a way to get him to let you trim them. Using an eyebrow comb, comb the brows upward and use cuticle scissors to trim the hairs. The cuticle scissors are curved, so they will keep the natural curve of the brow. Just trimming the brows will make a huge difference in your guys face.

Just tell him it’s like a haircut for his eyebrows…

Send your beauty questions to pamperp[email protected] and I’ll answer them in my next blog.



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