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1/28 Avoid a Perfume Overdose

Posted on January 28, 2010 at 10:42 AM

Let me paint a mental picture for you:

You're trapped in a room with a woman who's wearing WAY too much perfume. It starts out with an overbearing and unpleasant odor, then you get a tickle in the back of your throat that you just can't seem to get rid of, and then comes the headache. At this point you want to douse this woman with water and slap her around. She is the enemy!

We've all been there, and it's not a pleasant experience. Please please please do not become this woman.

You are way too fabulous to be the hated "stinky girl".

When it comes to fragrance, a little goes a long way. People should not be able to smell you when you enter a room. Your scent should be reserved for those who are in close contact with you. It should be a subtle, yet pleasant, whiff as you breeze by, not a cloud of doom that follows you around.

We all love to smell pretty, but there's a fine line between just right and too much, and I'm going to help to find it. Just follow these simple rules and you'll be smelling as sweet as a rose (a single rose, not the whole bush):

First, determine what kind of fragrance you're working with:

Perfume: A straight up perfume is more oily that watery. It usually comes with a dropper instead of a spray and can be pretty expensive. Perfumes are about 40% fragrance oil. This is the stuff that makes your grandma wreak...

Eau de Parfum: This is what most of us think of as "perfume" these are normally clear watery liquids, they come in glass bottles with spray caps, and are sold in department stores for about $20 - $60. These are about 20% fragrance oils.

Eau de Toilette: These are your body sprays. They are often colored, they come in plastic bottles with spray caps, and are sold in stores like bath and body works or drug stores for $3 - $15. These are about 5 - 10% fragrance oils, depending on the quality.

If you are using a perfume: 2 drops will do the trick. One on each wrist and then rub onto your neck. These are the zones of your body that release the most pheromones and you can trust that they will spread your scent.

If you are using Eau de Parfum: 3 sprays of this is plenty. One on your wrist and rub them together, and one on each side of the neck.


Both Perfume and Eau de Parfum are seriously potent. Even when you can't smell it anymore, other people can, so resist the urge to reapply.

If you are using Eau do Toilette: 4 - 6 sprays Max. If you spray more that 6 times, I'm coming to confiscate it. I swear! Just because it's body spray doesn't mean you can abuse it. There IS such a thing as too much Coconut Lime Verbena...

Avoid layering scents. If you're going to use the scented body wash and lotion in the morning, you can skip the spray. If you shower and lotion at night, go ahead and lightly spray in the morning

FYI: If you're reading this thinking "I use way more than that and I don't stink", chances do!

You are the one I'm writing this blog for, so PLEASE take my advise!

Send your Beauty Questions to [email protected] and I'll answer them in my next blog.




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Reply Sam
11:31 AM on February 1, 2010 
Hahahaha "cloud of doom." Funny stuff as always!

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