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2/12 Last minute Valentines Day Gifts ideas for HER

Posted on February 12, 2010 at 1:08 PM

OK's not often that I write a blog for you, but I have several guy friends, as well as a brother, so I know some of you are struggling to find the perfect Valentines Day gift for your girl...

Here are some ideas:

1. Lingerie: I know you're thinking, that's not a gift for her, that's a gift for me! ..but honestly, that's the beauty of it! A gift of Lingerie says "I think you're beautiful and you deserve to wear something beautiful", but more importantly, it says "I want you", which is something every girl likes to hear!

2. Jewelry, jewelry, jewelry! Seriously guys, we can't get enough of it! I've heard guys say things like "I'm not getting jewelry, because it's so unoriginal" me, most girls would prefer an unoriginal piece of jewelry to just about anything.

- Here's a super romantic idea that will make her melt: Get a charm bracelet with a single heart charm, and put a little note in the box that says you will add a charm for each valentines day you spend together. Not only does this say that you're planning a future with her (the one thing every girl wants to hear) but you'll never have to come up with another valentines day gift again! (I can't take credit for this idea, my boyfriend did this on our 1st anniversary)

3. Every girl loves flowers! Bring them to the door when you pick her up. It's especially  nice to get them delivered to may be too late for Valentines day, but keep this in mind for her birthday (or the next time you're in trouble)

4. Any romantic gesture will do.

- Try this idea for those of you who don't have much to spend:

Skip the overpriced, over crowded restaurants and opt for a more quiet, romantic evening in... set the table, light candles, and cook dinner (honestly, even if what you make is terrible, she'll love it). Give her a gift from your heart, not your wallet, try a booklet of coupons for things like a massage, a candle light dinner, a movie rental, a dinner at her favorite restaurant, etc... OR a list of things you love about her OR find a poem or quote that expresses your feelings for her online, and frame it. If you're really adventurous, write one. You can get a frame at the dollar store. It doesn't have to cost much. Scatter rose petals (or paper hearts if you can afford roses) on the bed, play soft music and light candles in the bedroom. It doesn't take much money (or even much effort) to create a very romantic atmosphere, and it will earn you serious points. I promise, she will appreciate it, and you'll both have a great time!

I hope this helps...Have a great Valentines Day!


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