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3/8 Make-Up Removing Home Remedies

Posted on March 8, 2010 at 9:59 AM

Here’s a question from one of my readers:

“I wash my face with soap and I always have eyeliner residue on my eyes afterwards and it looks like I have bags under my eyes. I don't want to spend millions of dollars for eye make up remover. What's a cheap-o way to get rid of that?”

This is a great question!

I’m glad you’re washing your make-up off before bed, but try a water-based cleanser instead of soap. It will help to maintain the correct PH balance on the surface of your skin. Neutrogena has a decent one that won’t cost much more than your average hand soap.

Part of your problem could be that the skin around your eyes is dehydrated. Dehydrated skin will grab those nasty make-up remnants and hold on for dear life! Make sure to moisturize your skin twice a day (once after washing your make-up off at night, and once before putting it on in the morning). Soft supple skin will not only be easier to remove make-up from, but also to apply make-up to.

Eye-makeup removers are often expensive, and if you’ve ever gotten some in your eye, you know they’re full of chemicals! The active ingredient in all make-up remover is oil. Below, I’ve listed a few ways to remove your make-up using everyday products from the drug store.

Please remember, no matter what you’re using to remove your make-up, go easy on that delicate skin around your eyes. Too much rubbing or pulling can cause pre-mature wrinkles.

Here are some simple everyday products you can use to remove your dark eye make-up

- baby oil (saturate a cotton ball and gently wipe make up away.)

- Vaseline (apply a small amount to eye with fingers, and wipe away with a tissue or cotton ball)

- Baby wipes (These come least recommended, as they may contain alcohol, which can dry your skin)

- If none of these work try the following concoction, it’s supposed to be fool-proof:

3 Tablespoons Light olive oil

3 Tablespoons Castor Oil (can be found in any drugstore)

3 Tablespoons Canola Oil (Mix well, apply to cotton ball and gently wipe make-up away)

*if some makeup remains on the skin after removing, apply some oil/vaseline to a cotton swab and gently wipe away. This will help reduce rubbing and irritation*

Always wash face with normal cleanser after using any removing product (even the professional stuff) as they all contain oils that can clog your pores if left on the surface of your skin.

Send your beauty questions to pamperpa[email protected] and I’ll answer them in my next blog.

Don’t forget to stop by tomorrow for another dose of the beauty blog!



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