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3/10 Lip Plumping Home remedies

Posted on March 10, 2010 at 1:12 PM

Here's a question from one of my readers:

"I'm pretty health conscious. I'm a vegan, I eat only organic and whole grains. I try not to use any products with chemicals in them, so I LOVE all of your natural home remedies. Do you have an all-natural recipe for lip plumping?"

I'm so glad that you're enjoying the home remedies. I would always rather use something that I've mixed myself than an over-priced chemical-filled product. You only get one face and one head full of hair, if you ruin it, that's it! As for a lip plumping home remedy, you're in luck!

First, condition your lips by rubbing a small amount of sugar mixed with cooking oil onto lips to exfoliate. This will leave them smooth and soft.

Here what you need:

-Petroleum Jelly

- Cayenne Pepper

- Ground Cinnamon

1. Place 1-2 teaspoons of petroleum jelly in a small container. An old lip gloss pot will work. (When I make lipglosses for the girls at my princess parties, I use small clear round seed bead containers that can be purchased in packages of 3, 6, 12, or 24 at Pat Catans or Walmart's craft department. They are less that $.50 a piece, and they're perfect for lipgloss.)

2. Add a pinch of cayenne pepper

3. Add a pinch of cinnamon

4. Mix well, and apply to lips. (be careful! If you use too much it will BURN!)

5. You can add a drop or 2 of peppermint oil for scent and flavor.

You will feel a tingling sensation, much like you feel when using a store bought lip plumper.

This can be applied under your regular lipstick or gloss.

Another tip is to apply a thick layer of plain petroleum jelly to lips before bed. When you wake up, lips will be at their natural fullest, then apply the plumping solution above.

I've also heard that applying one drop of clove oil to a Q-tip and rubbing that on your lips will plump them as well. 

Send your beauty questions to [email protected] and I'll answer them in my next blog.

Don't forget to stop by tomorrow when I'll tell you how to make your own natural tinted lip glosses!



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