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5/5 Nourish Your Hair

Posted on May 5, 2010 at 12:29 PM

Today’s blog comes as a suggestion from a friend of mine who is trying to grow her hair out. She, like the rest of us, wants to have long healthy hair, and has been taking the “GNC Ultra Nourishhair” supplement, which can be purchased at any GNC store or online.

My friend is thrilled with her results. She claims it has made her hair stronger, healthier, and it has sped up her hair growth. Sounds great right? I decided to do some research, not only on the ingredients, but on testimonials from other users as well, and here is what I found.

Almost all of the testimonials I’ve read raved about the results. They all claim that their hair is healthier, doesn’t break or split as much, and most importantly, it’s growing faster! The average growth after a month or 2 of use is 1 inch per month, which is twice the normal average for healthy hair without heat styling, which can hinder growth.

What you should expect when you take this supplement:

In the first month you may notice a slight tingling on your scalp, and probably will not see instant results in growth, but don’t give up! It will take at least 3 – 4 weeks for the vitamins and amino acids to get into your system and start working their magic! You will definitely notice a difference by the end of the second month!

Why it works:

I looked up the active ingredients, and not only is this supplement great for hair health, but it will help your skin, nails, and over-all health in general. Each dose of GNC ultra Nourishair contains 100% (or more in some cases) of your daily requirement of Vitamins C, E, B-1, B-2, B-6, and B-12, as well as many other beneficial ingredients such as lower doses of some other vitamins, Zinc, and Folic Acid. Not to mention Silica and MSM (Methylsulfonyl-methane) which help restore collagen, Biotin which promotes cell renewal (this, along with vitamins, speeds up the growth process), Amino Acids, which help build up protective Proteins (this, along with vitamins, helps to strengthen hair and prevent breakage), and antioxidants (protect against free radicals, which cause premature aging of cells). It also contains Panothenic Acid, which promotes smoothness and shine.

The Down Side:

There is always some bad that comes with the good, one down side is, GNC Ultra Nourishhair is a little pricey at $17.99 per bottle, which contains 120 tablets. The regular dosage is 2 tablets per day, so it will last you 2 months.

The only complaint I saw appearing in a few of the testimonials is that it seems to promote oil production. This makes sense, as most people with damaged hair also have dehydrated hair. If you notice your hair is becoming greasy part-way through the day, sprinkle a little baking soda mixed with talcum powder onto a brush and comb through your hair. This will soak up any excess oil.

Send your beauty questions to [email protected] and I'll answer them in my next blog.

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