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DIY Gifts: Bath & Body Product Edition

Posted on December 10, 2013 at 2:55 PM

OK Ladies. it's been a while since I've posted... like a LONG while, but I've been crazy busy. Since we last spoke, a few things have happened, the main one being that I got MARRIED on October 19th! You can call me Mrs. Shea...

Anyway, the wedding took over my life, but now it's over, and I am back in control just in time to give you some GREAT DIY gift ideas... I know, you love me!

Obviously, I love love love giving (and recieving, ahem) bath and body products as gifts. I think they're great indulgences (plug intended) that our friends and family deserve, but will not buy for themselves. I also understand the idea of "Christmas on a Budget", as I just came off a saving spree in the 2 years leading up to my wedding. I am the number one advocate for DIY gifts. I am a firm beliver that something you made is so much more meaningful that something you plucked off of a shelf, and anyone who prefers store bought, isn't my type of "friend". That being said, here are some DIY bath & body products that you can make at home with VERY little time and effort. 


1. Bath Salts – A great gift for the bath lover OR for the one who deserves some relaxation. This is easy peasy and practically free. All you need is espom salts and packets of unsweetened koolaid to make sweet smelling & colorful bath salts. I love the idea of pairing bath salts with babysitting coupons for a busy mom so that she can get some “me” time.

To get:

 -Epsom salts (usually come in bags or cartons for 2-3 each. Can be purchased at the pharmacy, grocery store, or Dollar store)

 -Koolaid packets in scents of your choice (I do not recommend grape, it turns black! (about 25 cents each and can be purchased at the grocery store or dollar store)

 To do:

 -Place one packet of koolaid powder at the bottom of a large mixing bowl. Add about a teaspoon of water and dissolve the power in the water. If the powder is still clumpy, add a little more water until all powder is dissolved, but you want the least amount of water possible.

 -Add 2-3 cups Epsom salts to the dissolved powder and mix thoroughly. If you want a more faint sceny/color, you can add more epsom salts.

 -Once the salts are coated in the color/scent, I suggest laying them in a pan to dry out a little before jarring, To dry them, spread them evenly in a large pan and mix occasionally until they do not feel damp anymore. If they have clumped together, break them apart before putting in your containers.


2. Sugar Scrub – Sugar scrubs are great for dry winter skin. They will slough off dead dry skin and moisturize the fresh skin that is uncovered. Sugar scrub are great for that person with dry cracked hands. They are also awesome for shaving, and they’re almost as inexpensive and easy at Bath Salts

To get:

 -Sugar (either granulated or brown sugar, kosher salts will work as well for a more course scrub)

 -Vegetable oil

 -Scented extracts/essential oils Choice of addivities (this is option but cocoa powder, coffe grounds, cinnamon, ground oatmeal, and honey all make great additives)

 To do

 -Start with your sugar in a large mixing bowl. You should start with enough sugar to fill your container. If you have a 4 oz jar, half a cup of sugar. If you have an 8oz jar, 1 cup, etc..

 -There is no recipe, you just have to add ingredients until the scrub is the consistency you want. Start with vegetable oil. Add a little, mix it up, add a little more, mix it up. Keep going until you have the consistency of a snow cone or a slushy. If you get too much oil, just add some sugar a little a time.

 -Add your additives. If you’re adding powdered additives, you may have to follow up with more oil. If you’re adding fragrance: you will only need a few drops of essential oils. Extracts will require more. Add your fragrance until you are satisfyied with the scent.

 -Once you’re happy with your scrub, spoon it into jars. Some people prefer a more oily mixture, some prefer a fluffier mixture. it's totally a matter of opinon.

3. Solid Lotion bar – The solid lotion bar is great areas that get extra dry. Elbows and heels come to mind first. Those and dry chapped hands. A solid lotion bar is great for combating that extra dry skin. Just rub it on at night before bed and let it work it’s magic overnight.

To get:

-Coconut oil, cocoa butter, and/or Shea butter.

-Cornstarch Empty lipbalm tubes/deodorant containers or a muffin tin.

 -Additives (scented oils, herbs, etc) - optional

To do:

 -Melt your oils. (Coconut oil is probably the easiest of these to come by. You can get it in specialty food stores and health stores like GNC. I prefer to mix my oils/butters, but if you can only get your hands on one kind, it will work fine.) Measure out the right amount of oil/butter (or just scoop some out/cut some off and hope for the best, that’s what I do). You can use a microwave or a double boiler to melt your oils. If using a microwave, go in 30 second increments, stirring between, until all the oil is melted.

 -Once your oils are melted, add cornstarch and stir until it is all dissolved. I try to add one tsp cornstarch for every 8 oz of oil. This will help to cut some of the greasiness of your lotion bar.

 -Once you’ve got your cornstarch mixed in, you can put in your additives if you’re using them. The additives are totally optional, but scented oils or herbs may make your lotion bar a little more special. Ground ginger and turmeric are great for arthritis pain relief, lavender is relaxing. Peppermint is stimulating and feels great on the feet.

 -Once your additives are mixed in, you can go ahead and pour your lotion. If you are using lip balm tubes or deodorant containers, you may want to use a funnel to prevent mess. If you are using a muffin tin, just pour the mixture in.

 -Once they’re poured, you just have to wait for them to harden again, and you will have solid lotion bars. You can let them sit over night at room temperature or you can pop them in the freezer to expedite the process.

 *The muffin tin bars look great wrapped in fabric with a raffia bow.

If you’re wondering about packaging for your products, here are some suggestions:

-Mason/Canning jars (can be founf at big-lots, specialty grocery stores, and most craft stores)

-Old cosmetic containers/craft containers/food containers. You’d be surprised what you can do with an old applesauce jar!

-For a more professional look, order cosmetic jars online at Uline or SKS Bottle and Packaging. They’re less than a dollar per jar and you can get them quantities as low as 24. Uline delivers the next day!


Happy Bath & Body Product making!




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