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Root Lifter Stray Review

Posted on January 17, 2014 at 2:25 PM

Hello ladies, I just have to tell you about my ‘do and my new favorite hair product!

As most of you know, I got married in October. Some of you may not know that I had been growing my hair out for more than 2 years for the wedding. I was almost waist length by wedding time, and I wore it down and curled, curled a little more tightly than I had hoped, may I add… which was one of those “wedding day glitches” people always tell you about (but you never believe will happen to you). I shed a tear or 2 during the getting ready chaos, and then realized how ridiculous it was that I was crying over hair that I was going to cover with a veil anyway. So, I got it together, did a little pulling, smoothing, and finger curling, and married my best friend with a smile on my face. Oh, and guess what… I didn’t give one more thought to my hair for the rest of the night because I was having the time of my life.

ANYWAY, my plan all along was to chop off all that hair after the wedding. I mean I wanted to be a Kardashian bride, but I see myself as more of a Katie Holmes/Posh type wife. SO, the weekend after our honeymoon I went to get a haircut. The plan was to get a long stacked bob, about shoulder length in the front and an inch or 2 above the shoulder in the back, but I chickened out! I donated 2 12 inch ponytails to Pantene’s “great lengths” campaign, and came out with a slightly longer than shoulder-length new ‘do. It was healthy, and light, and cute, and I liked it for a while, but I started to get that stacked bob itch again about 2 weeks ago. Last weekend I decided to take the “plunge”, but I couldn’t get an appointment with my regular girl. Since I had worked up the nerve, and was really excited for a change, I decided to hit up my local Borics and wait in line until someone could take me. I realize that this is equivalent of Russian Roulette in the hair department, but I was feeling lucky.

My stylist’s name was Samantha, and we hit it off right away, chatting while she shampooed my hair. I showed her my 2 pictures (from Pinterest, of course). The first was of my “safe” bob choice, and the other was of my “dream” bob that I’m not sure I have the nerve for. I told her to try something in-between. Well, I guess Samantha wasn’t feeling quite as “nervy” as I had been that day, because I got the “safe” bob, which I love. I think I’ll give it a couple weeks, and then go back for the “dream” cut, but I am happy with the gradual change., and enjoying my “safe” style for now.

You know how when you get your hair done you’re so afraid to wash it the first time, because you KNOW that you will never get it to look as good as they did at the salon? Well, that’s because you’re right. My skills are far inferior in the “blowout” department. I am Blowout incapable, and I have just accepted that, so I have to come up with alternatives to achieve that same volume without looking like a frizz-ball. This is where the purpose for this particular entry comes in. My first wash/style attempt was a major failure. My previously full and flirty bob was limp and flat, so I hit the rite aid for a root lifter product to give me a little extra “oomph”. I found a product called “Samy Fat Hair 0 calorie root lifter spray”. I have to be honest; I chose it based on 2 criteria that had nothing to do with the effectiveness or reputation of the product itself. The first was price. At $8, it wasn’t the cheapest one on the shelf, which experience tells me is usually the equivalent of water-in-a-bottle. It’s the like the placebo of hair products, completely ineffective. However, $8 is not going to break the bank, and seems like a completely reasonable drug-store price. It seems outrageous to me to pay $16-$20 for hair products at Rite Aid. I mean give me a break… not going to happen. Once I narrowed my search to the middle-of-the-road $6 - $10 products, I needed a second criteria to narrow my choice to a single option. My husband’s name is Sam, and I call him Sammy. Clearly Sammy’s wife was destined to use “Samy Fat Hair’s” products, right? Well, apparently that is the case; because I love love love this stuff!

I am a nighttime shower-er, because I refuse to wake up any earlier than necessary. That being said, I took my shower before bed (which is a much quicker process with such short hair, btw). The Root lifter spray’s bottle told me to apply it to damp hair, so I dried my hair with the blow dryer for a few minutes, then applied the product just to the roots of my hair by lifting pieces and aiming the nozzle at my scalp. I then massaged the root lifter into my scalp a bit to make sure all the areas were covered. I dried my hair the rest of the way upside-down, gently pulling the hair at the crown of my head away from the scalp and aiming the blow dryer right at the roots. When my hair was dry, I flipped it over and brushed it out. Now comes the real trick… I separated my hair in half, taking the top half (the half I want to have volume), and brushing it upward to ensure the roots were all standing up, I gathered the top section of hair into a ponytail, twisted it, and secured it with a hair band on the very top of my head (using a hairclip would also work, and I slept with it pulled up like this. Pulling it up and leaving it that way for several hours trains the cuticles to stand up instead of lay flat, creating lots of volume at the roots. In the morning, I flat ironed the bottom layer of hair first, then took out the top, sectioned it off, and flat ironed it as well. I was full and bouncy and beautiful all day. I am currently on day 2, and it is still just as full of body. Let me tell you, if you think I was excited that it looked great on day 1, you should have seen how excited I was on Day 2. I mean, to have great looking hair without even having to wash it!? …Talk about a busy (lazy) girl’s dream come true!

So ladies, the bottom line is: Samy Fat Hair’s 0 calorie Root Lifter Spray, 2 thumbs up!

Thanks for reading!

Love you guys.


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