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1/5/11 Treating Large Pores

Posted on January 4, 2011 at 1:23 PM

Here's a question from one of my readers:

"I have visibly large pores, and I get alot of blackheads on my nose. I've tried Biore strips, and they don't get rid of everything. How can I remove the blackheads and shrink my pores?

I've actually had 2 people ask a similar question in the past 2 weeks. I think this is a common problem, and I'd like to be able to say there's an easy fix, but unfortunately, there's not. 

Pore size is genetically pre-disposed. There is nothing you can do about the size of your pores, just like you cannot change the texture of your hair or the size of your feet. However, large pores do get clogged easily, and when pores are filled with debri they appear larger. You CAN keep your pores clean, therefore making them appear smaller. 

I have listed the most common issues that can be caused by clogged pores. Everyone suffers from these problems once in a while, but those with large pores have to be especially careful. All of these problems are manageable with a certain level of knowledge, determination, and the correct products.

1. Problem: Blackheads

Cause: Dirt in pores

Treatment #1: Cleansing skin daily. 

You will never stop dirt from finding it's way into pores, but if you are cleansing your skin with an appropriate product, it will be removed before it causes blemishes, and before it builds up enough to be visible. Use a gentile water-based facial cleanser designed for skin. Never use bar soap or oil based cleanser on your face. 

Treatment #2: Pore Cleansing Strips

These strips attract dirt like a magnet and physically pull it out when removed. Biore brand works well. You can also try this natural recipe from a previous blog entry. Use these only as needed (when you can see blackheads).

2. Problem: Blemishes

Cause: Dirt and oil trapped in pores

Treatment: Exfoliation & Masking

Often, oil will get stuck in pores when a thin layer of dead skin cells blocks the pore opening. This can cause small bumps on the skin called milia or if bacteria has a chance to grow in the pore, pimples. In this case, cleansing alone will not help. You must exfoliate the skin to open that pore. Try to avoid exfoliators that contain sharp particles such as walnut shells that can scratch delicate facial skin.

Cleansing daily removes the surface dirt and oil, but when dirt and/or oil have been trapped in the pores for longer periods of time, it requires a deeper cleanse to remove those impurities. Masking the skin with a clay-based product will purge your pores, drawing impurities out.

3. Problem: Visible Pores

Cause: Debris in pores

Treatment: Toner

Pores my be enlarged because dirt, oil, dead skin cells, etc.. are trapped inside. After cleansing, exfoliating, and masking, you should use a toner on your skin. Toners are humectants, which lock moisture into the top layers of skin instead of allowing it to evaporate. Toners also shrink pores back to their normal size after extracting debris. Think of it as a hole in a sweater, like the knit fabric, your skin is pliable. When you place your finger in the hole, the hole stretches, this is what happens to your pores when they are clogged. When you remove your finger from the hole in the sweater, it does not automatically go back to it's original size. Toner works to bring stretched pores back to their normal size.

When selecting toner, try to stay away from any product claiming to be an "astringent" as these products contain 20%-60% alcohol, which sucks the moisture out of your skin. Astringents, can actually cause your skin to over-produce oil, because it dries skin so badly.

There are several natural toners that you can use: Rosewater, Witch hazel, Tomato Juice, and apple cidar vinegar are all great gentle toners for dry, sensitive, or normal skin types. Dip a cotton ball in any of these and rub over freshly cleansed skin, follow with a light moisturizer in the morning, and a heavier moisturizer at night. For Oilier skin types, use a skin tonic, which can contain a very small amount of alcohol (>20%) to kill bacteria and zap away excess oil, but still contains humectant ingredients to help skin retain moisture. Good Natural skin tonics are lemon juice (apply with cotton ball) and green grapes (cut in half and rub over skin's surface).

I hate to plug my own products in my blogs, as I think it de-values my advise, but I can't keep my One-Step-Facial a secret from those of you large-pored ladies, as it may be the super simple solution to your pore problems. 

My One-Step-Facial cleanses, exfoliates, and moisturizes in one quick easy step. It contains only natural edible ingredients, so it's safe and effective. Here is the list of ingredients and descriptions of their skin care benefits. I'll let you be the judge...

Corn meal - gently and safely exfoliates. Corn meal is stone ground, so the grains have no sharp edges that can scratch delicate facial skin. It will gently slough off dead skin cells allowing the anti-bacterial and moisturizing agents access to fresh live skin while promoting cell renewal.

Honey - Cleanses and moisturizes. Honey is natures only antibacterial moisturizer. It  works as a Humectant (new word!) to lock moisture into skin while killing bacteria on skin's surface.

Lemon Juice - Deep Cleanses - Lemon juice is a powerful anti-bacterial agent. It will penetrate deep within pores to kill blemish causing bacteria.

Vegetable Oil - Moisturizes - Just the slightest bit of oil will soften and hydrate thirsty skin.

* to use, remove a nickle size amount from jar, add water, rub together in hands, and rub onto face in a circular motion for one minute. Allow to sit on skin for one minute, and rinse. That's it...all you need is 2 minutes to cleanse exfoliate and moisturize your skin!

The One-Step-Facial costs $12 for an 8oz jar, and is available by contacting me via phone 412-759-2423 or e-mail [email protected]

By reading this blog, you have earned a FREE sample of the One-Step-Facial (enough for about 2-3 uses), contact me and mention this blog to get yours!

Thanks for reading, 


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