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1/6/11 Dry Flakey Face Fixes

Posted on January 6, 2011 at 2:16 PM

With Winter in full swing, I’m seeing more and more girls with flakey cakey make-up face, and it’s totally unacceptable….

The dry artificial heat, cold chapping wind, and super hot showers all contribute to the drying of our skin in the winter, but you don’t have to just roll over and take it ladies… There are things you can do preserve your skin’s moisture, and piling pounds of make-up on top of unhealthy skin is NOT the answer.

Here are some tips to salvage your skin’s moisture this winter.

1. Avoid products that contain chemicals, as your skin is already dry and sensitive from the environment. Try using more natural skincare options…

Honey is a great natural bacteria-killing agent that will help lock moisture into your skin instead of sucking it out. It’s a little messy, but you can use it as a cleaner.


2. Avoid super hot water. I know it tempting when it’s so cold outside, but tepid or lukewarm water is much better for your skin. 

3. Flaky skin that causes make-up to cake, isn’t really due to lack of moisture, it’s due to lack of exfoliation. Those “dry spots” are really just areas where dead skin cells have begun to build up. Exfoliate your skin daily until those spots are gone. Once your skin is smooth, you can reduce your exfoliation to 2-3 times weekly. However, if you use a gentle enough exfoliator (one without rough or sharp edges) you can continue to exfoliate daily.

4. Don’t skip the toner! If you are using a good toner, it will lock moisture into the top layers of skin rather than allowing it to evaporate away. Toner will also help pores to close up, preventing blackheads and other congestion. Lemon Juice or apple cider vinegar both work well as a tone. Dip a cotton ball in one of these and wipe over your face. A green grape cut and half and rubbed over skin’s surface is also great.

5. Always Moisturize! Even people with oily skin should moisturize daily. Use a light moisturizer for daytime and a heavier one at night.

Does this sound like too much work?

Try my One - Step –Facial, which cleanses, exfoliates, and moisturizes all in one quick easy 2 minute step. It’s made from all natural edible ingredients and costs $12 for an 8 oz jar. After using the One-Step-Facial swipe one of the natural toners listed above over skin and finish with tinted moisturizer for soft natural looking skin with a healthy hydrated glow.

Email [email protected] to order yours.

If you would like to try a free sample of the One-Step-Facial, please email me and mention this blog.

Thanks for reading,


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