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The Awesome and Amazing Benefits of the Almighty Vitamin E.

Posted on January 11, 2013 at 10:45 AM

OK Pampered Readers… I was out shopping for this weekend’s party supplies when I came across what I thought must be a mistake or a miracle. Right there, in the Dollar General, next to the nail polish remover pads I was reaching for, was a 4oz bottle of vitamin E oil. It caught my attention, because I’ve only seen vitamin E oil in small 1 or 2 oz bottles, but what really blew my mind was the price… $2. I thought: “TWO DOLLARS!?!?! No way. That’s too good to be true”. I turned the bottle over and read the ingredients. Guess what they were? 2 carrier oils (I believe soybean and sunflower) and vitamin E… yep that’s it. The same ingredients as the stuff I get excited to find for $6 and ounce online… MIRACLE it is! The dollar general stuff doesn’t have a pretty bottle with a fancy dispenser that gives you just the right amount in one squirt, but guess who doesn’t need another fancy bottle… yep, this girl. I was so excited I started telling random people in the store, who much to my surprise, weren’t as impressed as I expected them to be. I bought the Dollar General on Rt 88 in Bethel totally out, so don’t try to go there until next week when their shipment comes in….

My awesome find has inspired me to blog about the awesome and amazing benefits of the almighty vitamin E. Consuming vitamin E in your diet will help build your immune system, increase brainpower, and is even thought to protect against certain cancers. You can get more vitamin E in your diet by eating leafy greens, wheat germ, and spinach (or by taking a capsule, because who eats wheat germ?)

So, that was your nutrition lesson for the day… Now for the reason you’re here, the skin benefits of Vitamin E:

1. Keep skin looking healthy and youthful:

This is the main reason I use vitamin E oil on myself, and why I put it in most of my products. Apply a dab of it around your eyes and/or mouth once daily before applying your moisturizer. If you have fine lines or crow’s feet, you will notice that it diminishes them over time. If you don’t (thank your lucky stars and shut the heck up) it will help to prevent them from forming. You can either put it on at night before bed or during the day. I use it in the morning, because I think it makes my eye make-up go on smoother. If you have dry or very delicate/sensitive skin, you can use it all over your face to improve the texture and health of your skin. I would do this at night, because you don’t want an oily face all day. Oily skin types should NOT do this. If you use skin care products that contain vitamin E oil, like Indulgence Aloe & Green Tea Moisture Serum, (I know, I’m shameless) you’re already getting a little vitamin E with every application. However, adding some to those “problem areas” listed above can’t hurt.

2. Treat Sunburn:

Applying Vitamin E oil directly to sunburn will not only soothe the skin, but help repair the damage caused by harmful UV rays. Apply twice daily until skin is repaired.

3. Treat minor scrapes, burns, and cold sores:

Vitamin E Oil will speed up the healing of minor skin injuries. Apply 2 or 3 times daily.

4. Erase scars and stretch marks:

Vitamin E Oil will fade scars and stretch marks. Apply oil directly to the affected area twice daily. You will notice a significant difference over time. In most cases, the marks will eventually disappear.

So, those are the awesome and amazing benefits of the Almighty Vitamin E. Why are you still sitting there, go to Dollar General!

Thanks for reading!

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Have a beauty-filled day!

Love ya,


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