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1/20 Corrective Make-up

Posted on January 20, 2010 at 12:57 PM

Ok guys, I didn't have any questions to answer, so I had to come up with my own topic today… You're making me work too hard!

So, I decided to write about using make-up to disguise features on your face that you may not like and/or draw attention to features you do like.

For all of the following you will need:

- foundation that matches your natural skin tone

- cream or powder bronzer one shade darker than your natural skin tone

- a highlight color, usually a nude color with some subtle shimmer, can be an eyeshadow or loose powder.

- translucent powder to set everything.

It is important to remember that this is corrective make-up, and should be very subtle. It is meant to trick the eye. If you apply it too heavily, it will draw the eye instead.

To make a wide nose appear slimmer:

- start with foundation that matches your skin tone all over.

- apply bronzer along the sides of your nose.

- apply highlight color to bridge of nose.

- finish make-up as usual

- dust entire face with translucent powder to set.

To make a full face appear thinner:

- start with foundation that matches your skin tone all over.

Suck in your cheeks like you’re making a fish face.

- apply bronzer in the hollows of your cheeks (the part that is sucked in)

Now smile

- apply a rose/peach colored blush on the apples of your cheeks.

- apply highlight color to your cheekbones.

- finish make-up as usual

- dust entire face with translucent powder to set.

To camouflage a double chin (not that you have one):

- start with foundation that matches your skin tone all over

- apply bronzer under chin to shadow

- make sure to apply highlight color to eyes and cheekbones to draw the eye upward

- finish make-up as usual but be sure to use color on your eyes and LOTS of mascara. The idea is to create interest at the top of the face.

- dust entire face with translucent powder to set

Corrective make-up for the eyes is slightly more difficult and requires more practice. Your eyes should be about 1 eye’s width apart. If there is less than 1 eye’s width between your eyes, then your eyes are close-set. If there is more than 1 eyes’ width between your eyes, then your eyes are far-set. In most cases, the difference is so slight, that you can’t really tell unless you actually measure, but for those of you who have noticeably close or wide set eyes, here’s what you should do:

To make close-set eyes appear farther apart:

- use a concealer or matte shadow one shade lighter than your skin, and apply it to the inside corner of your eyelid and the gray shadowy part of your nose.

- Now apply your favorite eyeshadow.

- Then use eyeliner, starting where your top lashes begin (a little bit away from the inner corner) and use small strokes toward the outside corner of the eye. Extend the eyeliner slightly beyond the outer corner.

To make Far-set eyes appear closer together:

Most people try to emphasize the outer corners of the eye to make them appear wider, but if your eyes are wide-set, you will want to emphasize the inner corners.

- apply a light or nude shade of eye shadow to the entire lid.

- Then use a slightly darker shade from the inside corner to the middle of the lid

- When lining eyes, make the line darkest at the inside corner and lightest at the outside corner.

To make eyes appear bigger:

- Use Light shades of shadow

- Apply light shadow all over lid - shade outer corner and crease only with a darker shade.

- smudge black or brown eyeliner into the upper lash line, focusing on the outer corners

- for daytime, use a beige eyeliner and line the inside of the lower lid (this will reflect light and make eyes appear more open)

- for evening, line outside of lower lash line with black or brown, mirroring the top lash line, focusing on the our corners, you can even extend liner beyond the eye for evening.

- curl lashes and apply mascara.

- apply one dab of white shadow in the middle of the brown bone to make eyes POP

I hope these tips help you camoflauge the bad, and accent the good, since that’s what beauty is really all about anyway…

Send your beauty questions to pamperp[email protected] and I’ll answer them in my next blog.



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