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1/21 Kitchen Cabinet Beauty Remedies - hair

Posted on January 21, 2010 at 3:02 PM

So we all want to be able to achieve that fresh-from-the-salon hair at home, but noone wants to pay the outrageous prices for their products, so here's my suggestion on how to get that great look at home.

And the best part is, everything you need is probably already in your kitchen!

What is it about those salon Shampoos that make your hair so clean, silky and soft?

- they contain alpha hydroxy acids, which remove the residue from your hair that's left behind from product, shampoo, and daily living, as well as sloughing away any dry skin and moisturizing the scalp.

Do you know what else contains the same alpha hydroxy acids, and performs ALL of the same tasks?

-Apple Cider Vinegar. Dilute it and use as a rinse for normal hair or apply directly to scalp to treat dandruff.

For normal Hair:

- Mix 1 part Vinegar with 3 parts water before getting in the shower

- Shampoo as usual

- After rinsing shampoo from hair, use vinegar mixture as a rinse on hair (pour over hair carefully, making sure it is touching all parts of the hair)

- Rinse 

- Condition the hair so it does not feel brittle (see below for conditioning suggestion)

To use as a dandruff treatment:

-Apply undiluted vinegar to the scalp. 

-Allow to penetrate for a few minutes

- Shampoo and condition as usual

Hint: this can also be used to clear up blemishes by applying undiluted to the face before bed and allowing to soak in.

What is it about those salon Conditioners that make your hair so full and shiny and moisturized?

- They contain proteins that temporarily fill in gaps in the hair shaft, making the individual micro-fibers lay flat, making the hair appear fuller and shinier.

Do you know else contains the same proteins?

-egg yolks

And guess what nature's best moisturizer is?

-olive oil

And do you know what you get when you mix egg yolks and olive oil?

- Mayonnaise.

That's right ladies. Mayo might be bad for your thighs, but it's GREAT for your hair!

Use 1/4 cup for thin and or short hair and 1/2 cup for longer or thicker 'dos. 

- apply Mayonnaise to dry hair starting at the crown of your head, not your roots, as this may cause your hair to look greasy when dried. Make sure to coat all of your hair.

- cover with plastic bag and allow to sit for 20 minutes (no more, no less)

- Rinse hair with COOL water (or cold if you can stand it)

- shampoo and condition as usual. (adding an apple cider vinegar rinse if desired, it will help remove any leftover mayo residue)

I recommend making your own mayonnaise by using 1 egg yolk, adding 1/2 cup of olive oil and whipping with an electric mixer (or fork/whisk) until it forms white fluffy mounds. This only takes a few minutes and it eliminates unnecessary ingredients, like lemon (which may lighten dark hair if used often)

Use this combo twice a month, and you'll be pleasantly surprised with a new head of beautiful from-the-salon looking hair without the from-the-salon price tag. If your hair tends to be more oily (you wash it in the morning, and it's visibly greasy by the end of the day) you may want to deep condition less frequently, as your natural oil is conditioning your hair on it's own.

Send your beauty questions to [email protected] and I'll answer them in my next blog.



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