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11/17/10 Deep Cleansing Facial Mask Home Remedy

Posted on November 17, 2010 at 3:55 PM

It’s Home Remedy Time!

Today I’m going to give you a recipe for an amazing facial mask that will rid your skin of impurities while moisturizing, but first I want to explain the need for a facial mask…

Think of your cleaning your skin like cleaning your house. You can wipe the dust off of your table everyday or sweep the crumbs off of the floor, but if you don't get out the pledge at the end of the week and really clean it, the dirt will build up, and it will look filthy. The same goes for your face… Your daily cleansing regimen removes the make-up and dirt from the day, but every once in a while you have to use a mask to draw all the deep-down stuff out and get a clean slate.

A mask is able to give you a deeper cleanse, because it stays on the skin for 15-20 minutes rather than being rinsed off immediately, and contains ingredients like clay and/or oatmeal which absorb oil and draw impurities out of your pores like a magnet. A really great mask will moisturize while it cleanses...

Some people spend $20, $30, $50, even $100 per jar for a good moisturizing mask that will also draw out impurities, because it is hard to come by one that actually works.

…you are not one of those people!

I have a facial mask recipe that will work just as well at those expensive department store brands, and it will cost you next to nothing because the main ingredient is Kitty Litter!

Don't freak out, Kitty litter contains the same clay product that those expensive masks use, but because no one would ever pay $20, $30, $50, or $100 for something their cat relieves themselves in, it’s extremely inexpensive!  This just goes to show you the actual value of those skincare products you purchase...

Go to the grocery store and buy a bag of Kitty Litter that says “100% Natural Clay” on the label, and follow the instructions below:

Kitty Litter Mask Recipe:


  1. 2 TBS Kitty Litter
  2. 2 TBS Water (tap or distilled) - you may need to add additional water
  3. ½ tsp Vegetable or Olive Oil (this will add moisture to thirsty skin, but will not cause it to feel greasy, because it will be rinsed off.) – If your skin is very oily, skip this step.
  4. a few drops scented oil or extract (just to make the experience a little more pleasant for you.)


- Add water to kitty litter and stir until it resembles a thick soup.

- Add oil and scent

- Mix and you’re done! (this can be microwaved for 10-15 seconds if you would prefer a warm mask)

- After exfoliating, apply to skin in a circular motion and allow to sit for 15-30 minutes - Rinse using warm or cool water (NOT HOT - hot water will suck the moisture out of your skin)

- Follow with your regular moisturizer.

Send your beauty questions to [email protected]

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to stop by tomorrow for another dose of the beauty blog!

- Bethany

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Reply Charmaine
2:22 PM on February 26, 2012 
Just wondering if this would be able to be kept and gifted as I make up home made gift baskets, or should it only be made as required?
Reply pamperpartiespgh
9:43 AM on February 27, 2012 

You can definitely pre make and jar this clay mask. Although, I would add some kind of natural preservative if you're going to be giving it away as gifts. First, I would add about a tablespoon of Honey to the recipe, as honey prevents the growth of bacteria, and is great for your skin. Also I would add one of the following ingredients: Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate, or Tea Tree Oil. All are natural preservatives. This will keep your mask from growing mold or bacteria that could harm the skin.

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