Pamper Parties Pittsburgh

...Because you deserve it!

Makeup Maven 

Do smokey eyes stress you out?

 Have you had a cat-eye-catastrophe?

Are you terrified of the contour monster?


Have no fear, our Guru is here!


 Party includes: 

  • E-vites, Sangria (or punch), and snacks.
  • 5 make-up brushes for each guest        (So that you are armed with the right tools - Yes, you get to keep them!)
  • Part 1: Basic Daytime Makeup Tutorial              (Learn a quick and simple every-day make application, including contouring and highlighting)
  • Q & A                                                                      (Take some time to experiment with your new skills or get some one-on-one time with our guru)
  • Part 2: Evening Makeup Tutorial                        (Learn how to turn your everyday makeup look into a glamorous evening look. Includes lots of tips for perfecting your eyeliner techniques)
  • Q & A                                                                      (Take some time to experiment with your new skills or get some one-on- one time with our guru)
  • Access to Pamper Parties Pittsburgh’s Make-up Kit
  • Take home reference guide, so that you can recreate your looks at home
*Our guru will take things step-by-step, breaking down some of the most complicated techniques, much like the instructors in the "Paint Parties" that are so popular.
Do not worry. Do not stress. You will have great success!

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